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Adopted Puppies-Part 6


Update from Judi AND Dan on Lucy

From: DiFrancesco, Judi


Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 1:53 PM

Subject: Angel-Born 10/25/2008

I wanted to let you know how well ‘Angel’ is doing. We have named her “Lucy” after one of the puppies in our litter of Chessies. Lucy was my daughter’s favorite puppy many years ago. We have been looking for a small dog for two years now. We have always raised large dogs.We have raised champion Chesapeake Bay Retrievers as well as Labradors. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to have a little dog. She is so sweet and soft as a teddy bear. She will greet us with her tail wagging behind her. She loves being with us all the time. She is doing well with being potty trained. She goes to the door now to go out. She is really starting to feel at home. She will run around the house in circles with lots of energy. She is learning to run very fast!! She is socializing well with lots of people, and dogs and is doing very well. I know how hard it must be to see all of your puppies leave home. I just wanted to let you know that she is doing very well. I have attached two pictures for you to see.

Judi & Dan DiFrancesco



Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 10:27 AM

Subject: Lucy

Hi Cindy - Happy New Year! Well, Lucy is adjusting quite well and is a happy little camper. She's so calm and peaceful for a puppy most of the time but boy, is she a "chewer". Luckily, she has a lot of chew toys.

Amanda was thrilled with her gift from Santa and calls her "little sister"! Poor Lucy is in a stroller when she's not sleeping. I'm stressing the need for her to have exercise!

You should have received the fax from our vet on the 29th of December. Everything was fine.

Thanks for everything.

Deb Frantz


From: Johnny Hancock


Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2008 11:21 AM

Subject: Bouton Kahn (Jake)

Here are a few photos of Bouton (French for button). He is a very happy little boy and he has made us very happy.

Johnny Hancock and Ira Silini

From: "John Barton"


Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2008 8:22 PM

Subject: Emailing: 20080720_0123, 20080720_0124, 20080720_0125, 20080720_0126, 20080720_0127, 20080720_0128, 20080720_0129


Today was Brinkley's first day out mingling with other pups and people. We had to wait until now since he had his final shots last week. We went to PetSmart and he had a grooming. As you can see from the pictures, he looks absolutely adorable. I can't begin to tell you how lucky we feel that we were able to adopt Brinkley. He is the friendliest and happiest little puppy. He loves people and enjoys meeting everyone. He has the best disposition. Everyone at PetSmart couldn't get over how adorable and friendly he is. John and I are hoping that his new sister will have the same disposition. I know that his personality is due to the care and love that was given to him from the day that he was born and we would like to thank you and his parent's breeder for doing such a fabulous job with him. I will recommend you to all my friends who are looking to adopt a puppy. We will send more pictures when Brinkley's sister arrives.

Thank you again.

Judy & John Barton

From: "John Barton"


Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008 2:33 PM

Subject: Brinkley Barton


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how well Brinkley is doing. He is just wonderful and the most adorable puppy. He is so good and has the best temperament. He is also extremely friendly. He loves everybody. I can't believe how lucky we are that we found your website and were able to get Brinkley. We are looking forward to welcoming Berry into our home. I know Brinkley is excited about having a sister. I have a few questions. How big were Brinkley's parents and was the male or the female the Bichon or Shih tzu?

I check your website all the time and it is great seeing the new pictures of our puppy. We will be sending you some up to date pictures of Brinkley soon.

Hope you are having a good summer.

Judy & John Barton

From: Donna Karpavicius> To:

Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 11:57 AM

Subject: Update on Stanley (Robby)

Hi Cindy,

Just wanted to update you on Stanley and send you a couple of pictures. He's up to about 8 pounds-growing fast! He's been great and extremely intelligent-learns fast. The only bad thing I can say is he is an early riser.....between 5-6 am!!! Trying to work on that one.

We are in puppy school and he is a very social dog. He loves meeting new people and new dogs-even big ones. No fear! He is a very confidant little guy.

He loves the cats but they are still getting used to him. They swat at him and he comes back for more.

Enjoy the photos-take care-

Donna K

Donna Karpavicius

Broker Associate

Re/Max in the Village

189 S Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park IL 60302


From:Tracy Das


Sent: Sunday, July 06, 2008 10:36 AM

Subject: Zack and Sophie - Our Fuzzy Wuzzy's

Hi Everyone,

We are so thrilled being puppy parents. Here are some pictures (a few of them are at the airport waiting for our "very delayed" plane). They were angels on the two plane rides that we had, not one bark or accident.

Come by to see us when you can. The pups (Zack and Sophie) just love attention. Zack will let you hold him like a baby and rub his belly all day long. Sophie has the softest "hair" and is very independent much to Madalyn's chagrin. The pups are a great pair and have a lot of fun together. I can honestly say that Cindy and Joann, our breeders, did a fabulous job of raising such a well mannered mixed breed (1/2 Shih Tzu and 1/2 Bichon Frise).

I'll send you cuter photos as time passes.

Love to all,


P.S. Babi loves them too.

From: Sheldon Wollman

To: Cindy/Fuzzy Wuzzy Pups<

Sent: Friday, June 06, 2008 5:33 PM

Subject: Speedo

Hi Cindy,

Just thought I would update you on Speedo's life with us. It has been a little while since we communicated but, nevertheless, you've been on my mind. Finding the time to sit down and type is another story. Hopefully, all is well with you and your family. I'm sure your daughter is looking forward to school ending and summer vacation beginning.

Now for starters on Speedo's progress, everywhere we go, people want to know what kind of dog he is because he's not only way too cute, but very calm and well behaved. I have given your FuzzyWuzzy web site to, at least, a dozen people that I've never met before, all of whom were seriously considering adopting a puppy. He and I travel everywhere together and I try to take him in as many places as I can. (even some places I can't) We have been kicked out of a few establishments but you never know until you try, right?! So needless to say, Speedo is exposed to many different people, places, and things. So far, all of this socialization seems to be paying off in spades!

Speedo is such a great little dog and out-of-this-world smart! He already knows how to heel, come when called, sit and lay down on command, and stay for about 30 seconds. He will "speak" but more importantly, he understands "hush" and will be quiet when I tell him. Speedo also knows how to roll over and sneeze when I ask him. We are working on waving bye-bye, and shaking hands. I don't mean to brag but as you can probably tell, I'm a very proud mommy.

Speedo went to visit the vet last Monday and he is right on track. He weighed in at 6.1 pounds. Can you believe it? He is still a little ball of fur (no haircut yet!) and he truly makes us laugh when he runs. His little legs can really move fast! Maybe it's his name! One other thing, and a very important one, Speedo is now officially potty trained! And I'm loving every minute of it!

I know you are still quite busy taking care of all your babies and hopefully, you will be shipping some pups to Maryland in the near future. You'll have to let me know if and when that happens. Maybe I can arrange a play date for Speedo! In the meantime, Speedo will continue his selling points, just by looking cute and being a FuzzyWuzzy pup!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

As always,

Paula and Speedo

From: "Karen Gary Hammond"


Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2008 2:17 PM

Subject: Mudge and Mia

Hello Cindy,

Here are updated pictures of Mudge 9 mo. and Mia 5 mo.They are both doing very well and keep each other company. I couldn't ask for two nicer puppies! I will keep in touch and send you updated pictures as time goes on.

Take Care,


Pictures of him before he went home

From: Lisa Gold


Sent: Friday, May 30, 2008 3:32 PM

Subject: koda!!

Hi Cindy,

I am writing you to give you a update on Koda (aka Reno) we renamed him Koda because he looks like a little teddy bear we say in this movie and we just loved the name. He is doing great i think if we count it out right he will be 14 weeks tomorrow. He just went to the vet for the second time yesturday and he now weighs 6.4 lbs!! he is getting to be a big boy haha. He does great at the vet, he just sits there and lets them do whatever they need to do and doesn't make a peep! He is such a doll and we are so excited he is apart of our family, everyone thinks he is the cutest thing. He is getting better with the potty training, he still has some peepee accidents in the house sometimes but for the most part he has improved so much sense first coming home. He hates his crate haha he just wants to be with you all the time but he does go in it when we aren't home and seems to do ok. He loves to play and he is a great cuddler!! We just can't get enough of him. He loves to play outside but when he is outside he puts everything he sees in his mouth, hopefully he grows out of that one. Well i hope you are doing well and all the puppies are good!! If you ever need anything from me just let me know, i am always telling everyone how great you guys are!!

take care and talk to you soon


From: "Karen Gary Hammond"


Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2008 2:17 PM

Subject: Mudge and Mia

Hello Cindy,

Here are updated pictures of Mudge 9 mo. and Mia 5 mo.They are both doing very well and keep each other company. I couldn't ask for two nicer puppies! I will keep in touch and send you updated pictures as time goes on.

Take Care,


UPDATE ON Rexx Tiffany & Nadine VA

From: Tiffany Jones


Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 4:01 PM

Subject: Rexx Update

Hey Cindy,

How are you? I hope this email is reaching you in good regards! I just wanted to take a moment and email you to let you know just how thankful we are for Rexx. He is such a joy. He is getting well acquainted with his new home and family. He absolutely steals the hearts of everyone he meets. This past weekend we had a late welcome home party for him and he was so excited! We are working on the potty training and its going pretty well. He is so spoiled that sometimes we let ourselves get in the way of that progress, but what can we say, he's the best puppy in the world! We feel so lucky to have found your website. Rexxy goes back to the vet on Friday for more shots. The vet commented on the great temperament that he has. He just stayed still for his last shots and the clipping of his nails. Both the attendant that I picked him up from, at the airport and a lady at the vet asked us where we got him from. I smiled and said, "Oh, FUZZY WUZZY PUPS!" So, again, thanks so much for everything. I have sent a few pics of Rexx that I took with my camera phone no 5/8/08. Can you believe how big he's got? He was three pounds at his last appointment. Can't wait to see what he is on Friday! Take care and we'll be in touch. Please, if you ever need a reference, don't hesitate to let us know. Talk to you soon.

Sisters, Tiffany and Nadine


Tiffany N. Jones, MA, NCC

"Humble yourselves, therefore under God's mighty hand, that HE may lift you up in due time." 1Peter 5:6


From:Sheldon Wollman

To:Cindy/Fuzzy Wuzzy Pups

Sent: Friday, May 09, 2008 2:57 PM

Subject: Re: Hi

Hi Cindy,

You must be reading my mind because I've been planning to call you for the last few days. But before I get on the subject of Speedo, I just want to say that I'm really glad I flew out to Missouri to bring my baby home. It was a great bonding experience for us and I also truly enjoyed meeting you and your mom. It's about time I can put a face to your voice and e-mail.

Now for an up-date on Speedo. He is doing absolutely great! He just had his second vet. visit last Monday and passed with flying colors. He weighed in at 3.8 lbs., up from 2.9 lbs. on his first visit. Speedo already knows how to sit and speak on command. He comes running when I call him and sits in front of me. We are now working on "lay down" which I think he knows but doesn't like to do.

Speedo is scheduled to begin puppy school in 2 weeks. It should be good for his socialization skills, and I'm sure we will have fun as well. His potty training is moving right along too. We have the Wizdog but he seems to like the great outdoors better. He is really good about going potty when I tell him, so I'd say he's doing very well in that department. He sleeps through the night (with my husband and myself) and has finally stopped crying when he is in his crate. (Which isn't very often, so I'm sure that is why it has taken so long.) I can't help taking Speedo everywhere with me, even to the grocery store. Last week we went out to a restaurant and he slept under the table while we ate dinner. He's learning not to bark during critical times, as we could be thrown out of various establishments. (A little chew toy never hurts either.)

Needless to say, my family and friends are totally in love with him. His funny antics and cheerful disposition makes everyone smile. It is hard to believe that I was flying out to get him in Springfield 3 weeks ago today. I feel like Speedo has been with me a lot longer because I already love him so much. I have some pictures I'm going to send along with this e-mail. Let me know if you don't get them for some reason and I'll try again.

By the way, have you tried the seasoning yet? It is also great for chips and dips.

I will continue to keep you up-dated on Speedo's progress, as I have big plans for the little man's future. He is so very smart. I think he deserves to learn as much as I can teach him.

Thanks for everything Cindy and once again, it was wonderful meeting you in person after so many phone conversations.

As always, Speedo's mom,


P.S. Speedo sends kisses to his doggy mom my and daddy. "Lick, Lick" Arf!

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