1st & 2nd Generations

Our first generation babies parents are Registered with AKC and APRI. means they are purebred.

Please take note that the registry dose NOT make the dog the breeder dose. For instance did you know AKC allow inbreeding and line breeding check it out for your self, in the link below

American Kennel Club - Frequently Asked Questions

Our Parents to our 2nd generation babies are registered with the FuzzyWuzzyPuppy Registry.

Since 2004 we have offered our puppy parents first generation Fuzzy Wuzzy Pups.

First generation puppies are a mix of both parents being purebred. For example Shih Tzu mom and Bichon dad.

We are excited to start doing what some breeders call a second generation Fuzzy Wuzzy Pup. In our professional opinion there will be several advantages of doing a second generation puppy. Here is two of those way's.

We believe when breeding you have to have a goal mind and focused on a long term goals. Since 2005 our babies have ranged in size from 8.5 to 20lbs. Most of our first generation babies are about 12-14lbs full grown. There are several reasons for wide range in the sizes. When breeding you need to look at 5 generations in their pedigree to see colors and sizes. So even if mom is 10lbs and dad is 10lbs you can have baby that is 15lbs full grown.

When doing the second generations we will be able to know the sizes of not only the parents but also the grandparents, and in some case's great grandparents. This will allow us to determine the babies size more accurately. That way our puppy parents will be more informed on how big their baby can get.

When it comes to breeding the first generation you are breeding a colorful dog to a pure white. So most of the babies do lighten up as they get bigger and mature. Puppy parents get really confused when looking at baby photos and then they change in some case's dramatically. Make sure you visit our fuzzy wuzzy pups full grown page.

Our second generation puppies will be breed from Fuzzy Wuzzy to Fuzzy Wuzzy. So we will have color on both sides of the gene pool, so we are very hopeful that our second generation puppies will keep their color more. But our second generation will still be half shih tzu and half bichon.